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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

50th Golden Jubilee Ordination Anniversary MUGS For Priest - Personalized

50th Golden Ordination Anniversary Jubilee -Clergy Mug

This decorative and practical drinking mug is one of many commemorative gifts ideas for Priests in this collection. This black and gold with ornamental border and gold cross is to commemorate the 50th Golden Jubilee Ordination Anniversary of Priest, Deacon, Minister, Pastor.

50th Gold Jubilee Ordination Anniversary Mug for Priest

This Mug gift for Priests features 3 template text fields allowing you to add the Priests' name, date the Priest was ordained or the ordination anniversary in years as well as a few lines of Bible verse, scripture or other text as desired.

Other Ordination Milestone Annievrsaries Are Available 

You can request custom edits and color changes to reflect the milestone, ie silver, golden, ruby, sapphire, emerald and so on. Visit the product page and use the contact Designer tab to get in touch and request your free custom edit.

Other Ordination Anniversary gift Ideas for Priests, Deacon, Minister, Pastor, Bishop, Nun here:

Clergy Gifts - Priest, Bishop, Deacon, Nun

Priest's and other clergy enjoy gifts that have a practical as well as decorative purpose and hence the gifts featured in this store generally fulfill that purpose, ensuring your Priest enjoys his/her gift for many years. 

You can also edit the text on any of the gifts for other occasions including Priest Retirement, leaving the Parish, newly ordained and more.


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For assistance or custom design contact Designer LeahG via the Zazzle product page for this item.