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Friday, 5 April 2019

Gifts For Priests - 25th Year Jubilee - Silver Ordination Anniversary

25th Priest Ordination Anniversary GiftsPractical decorative and commemorative 25th Silver Jubilee Ordination Anniversary gifts for Priest, Pastor, Deacon, other.

The many gifts (enter store via image) featured here have template text fields allowing you to add the ordination anniversary in years, the name of your beloved clergy member (Priest, Deacon, Minister, Pastor, Bishop, Nun or other) and the date of the anniversary of ordainment. There is also a field for you to add a couple of lines of verse, Bible scripture or other. Due to the templates and the adaptable elegant designs, the Priest gifts shown can be edited for ANY ordination anniversary and any clergy member. 

25th Ordination Anniversary Priest Gift Customized Plaque
The design featured in this collection (above left) consists of  botanical themed corner overlays and backgrounds. The attractive watercolor leaf design will appeal to many Priests and clergy members as they often enjoy the outdoors, nature and gardening in their spare time. It is a simple elegant design that will fit with any decor. Also featured is a small wooden cross. Handwritten typography and brush stroke calligraphy complete the look.

25th Ordination Anniversary Priest Gift Customized Round Clock

Priest's and other clergy enjoy gifts that have a practical as well as decorative purpose and hence the gifts featured in this store generally fulfill that purpose, ensuring your Priest enjoys his gift for many years. You can also edit the text here for other occasions including Priest retirement, leaving the Parish, newly ordained and more. 
25th Ordination Anniversary Priest Gift Customized Pocket Watch

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