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Memorial, Celebration of Life Message Ideas

Express Your Condolences With A Sympathetic Message Finding words for sad occasions isn't easy and sometimes we get it wrong. Below are suggestions as to how to word messages of sympathy so as to comfort and not offend, phrases to avoid and verses to include in cards of condolence .  Also featured is a range of cards and memorial gifts that include words of sympathy and condolence that you can further personalize to ensure your genuine sadness at the loss of the deceased is conveyed. Words of Sympathy and Comfort for the Loss of a Mother or Father Express Your Condolences for the loss of Mother, Father or other with words that express your sincere sadness for their loss and that you are thinking of them. "I am so sorry for your loss, losing a mother/father is one of the worst things to bear, my thoughts and prayers are with you."    Ensure you use their name too. Names can feel uncomfortable to say when the person is deceased but it's very im

50th Golden Jubilee Ordination Anniversary MUGS For Priest - Personalized

50th Golden Ordination Anniversary Jubilee -Clergy Mug by CatholicGiftShop This decorative and practical drinking mug is one of many commemorative gifts ideas for Priests , in this collection. This black and gold with ornamental border and gold cross is to commemorate the 50th Golden Jubilee Ordination Anniversary of Priest, Deacon, Minister, Pastor. 50th Golden Jubilee Ordination Anniversary Mug for Priest This Mug gift for Priests features 3 template text fields allowing you to add the Priests' name, date the Priest was ordained or the ordination anniversary in years as well as a few lines of Bible verse, scripture or other text as desired. Other Ordination Milestone Anniversaries Are Available  You can request custom edits and color changes to reflect the milestone, ie silver, golden, ruby, sapphire, emerald and so on. Visit the product page and use the contact Designer tab to get in touch and request your free custom edit. Other Ordination Ann

Gift Ideas for Priest - Ordination Anniversary Clocks - Personalized

Personalized Clock Priest Ordination Anniversary by CatholicGiftShop This decorative wall clock is one of many in this collection of ordination anniversary gifts for Priest, Deacon, Minister, Pastor that features 3 template text fields allowing you to add: Date the Priest was ordained or the ordination anniversary in years. Priest Name and Title Bible Verse/Scripture or personal message Commemorative Clocks for Priests This decorative, commemorative wall clock can be given for any ordination milestone including silver and golden jubilee (25th and 50th). The design featured has watercolor leaves which will appeal to many clergy members as they often enjoy the outdoors, nature and gardening in their spare time.  It includes a small cross, roman numerals and calligraphy style typography. It is a simple elegant design that will fit with any decor. Two circular sizes are available and one square. More Ordination Anniversary Gift Ideas for Priests, D

Catholic Faith Gifts - Personalized

Inspirational, personalized, religious Catholic Faith Due to popular demand I have opened a new Catholic Store Online HERE to display a growing range of bespoke and custom Catholic Faith gifts and special occasion invitations including Baptism, First Communion, Adult Confirmation and Wedding. Also featured is a unique range of gifts for Clergy which are both decorative and practical. Gifts for Priests, Bishops, Nuns and Deacon's include commemorative Ordination Anniversary watches, personalized stationery, ornaments, t-shirts, mugs, candles, journals and more. Pop along and take a peep! The Catholic gifts in this store have been sourced from reputable online merchants including Amazon , Zazzle , Christian Gift Shops to name a few. I only select gifts that have great reviews and 100% satisfaction guarantees as part of the returns policy. Shopping for Catholic gifts was never this easy! If there's a special gift you can't find here, drop me a line and I'll tr

Gifts For Priests - 25th Year Jubilee - Silver Ordination Anniversary

Practical decorative and commemorative 25th Silver Jubilee Ordination Anniversary gifts for Priest, Pastor, Deacon, other. 25th Priest Ordination Anniversary Gifts The many gifts (enter store via image) featured here have template text fields allowing you to add the ordination anniversary in years, the name of your beloved clergy member (Priest, Deacon, Minister, Pastor, Bishop, Nun or other) and the date of the anniversary of ordainment. There is also a field for you to add a couple of lines of verse, Bible scripture or other. Due to the templates and the adaptable elegant designs, the Priest gifts shown can be edited for ANY ordination anniversary and any clergy member.  The design featured in this collection (above left) consists of  botanical themed corner overlays and backgrounds. The attractive watercolor leaf design will appeal to many Priests and clergy members as they often enjoy the outdoors, nature and gardening in their spare time. It is a simple elegant de

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