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How To Word Your 'Thank You For Marrying Us ' Cards

Thank You For Marrying Us Priest Cards

How To Word Your 'Thank You For Marrying Us' Cards

Below are some suggestions for 'heartfelt' thank you messages for your Priest who married you. You can re-word them so they are more personal to you as a couple and relate specifically to your ceremony. Use them as a guide rather than quoting verbatim.

Comment on how well the ceremony was received by your guests. How you felt before, during and after the ceremony thanks to the Priests contribution towards helping you feel relaxed, understanding your needs and offering you guidance.

If there was a special highlight moment, you may wish to mention that so that it is recorded in yours and your Priests memory when recalling your wedding day and the ceremony.

If your Priest contributed some 'extra special' thing make reference to that and show your appreciation. Anything above and beyond what was expected should receive a mention as well as your overall thanks for delivering a wonderful ceremony on the wedding day.

Olive Branch watercolor wedding thank you cardThank Your Wording

(Add names - ie. Robert and I) both thank you very much for marrying us on (add date so they can recollect who you are). Your calm, kind, professional and engaging manner helped us and our guests to relax and fully enjoy the ceremony. We are so happy and blessed that we chose you to marry us. Thank you for accepting us and for making it happen. Warmest regards
(Add names - ie. Robert and I) are so pleased that we chose you to marry us on (add date). The service was wonderful and you were so patient, flexible and professional. We will remember this day for the rest of our lives and you will always be part of that memory. Thank you again for making our day super special. Warmest regards (add names)
Thank you very much for officiating our wedding ceremony and blessing our marriage. You gave it such a personal touch that it felt quite intimate and informal which we greatly appreciated as that's our style. We were touched by the wording and will remember it always. We had a lot of fun despite it being a serious occasion and you were a large part of that, helping us to feel relaxed and at ease. Our families and friends also gave high praise and a thumbs up for how smooth everything went and how lovely it all was. Thank you again! (names in full with date)

Thank you so much for marrying us, we greatly appreciate the patience and kindness shown to us and the intimate nature of how the ceremony was performed. We received a lot of positive feedback from guests also. It is a day that will always be in our memory and you in our hearts.


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